About Us

About Us

Who is KnowledgeSpace?

KnowledgeSpace is not an educational organisation that happens to deliver call center solutions – we specialise in all things call center. We gained our knowledge of sales and service techniques through direct experience blended with formal learning. Our clients benefit from our global experience by engaging us for;

  • Consulting Services – Call Centre turnarounds, set ups, management and coaching
  • Mystery Customer Surveys – including face to face and telephone based surveys
  • Training Services – including design of trainer led, self paced, video or computer based courses and delivery of fee based or AQTF qualifications. We are a Registered Training Organisation that is authorized to deliver qualifications and annually audited by independent and Government appointed auditors.

Made up of sales and service thought leaders and specialists located across Asia Pacific, KnowledgeSpace is dedicated to producing just two things; an outstanding solution, and results for our clients.

We can review, optimise and transform your business operations, with decades of experience across multiple industries our team of consultants can perform a whole of business review or help with specific business area, including:

  • Customer access
  • Reducing customer effort
  • Contact centre operational efficiency
  • Customer experience


Why are we different?

One of the most abused claims in training today is about a company’s uniqueness and ‘people focus’. In an industry that has it’s curriculum, quality processes and assessment heavily regulated, finding a company that does things differently is difficult.

In a tired marketplace, we can modestly lay claim to 5 genuine points of differentiation;

Our staff – Many companies claim that it is their staff that makes them great. At KnowledgeSpace, we believe that our staff make our company! Your trainees leverage from the skills and knowledge of;

  • A past president of the Call Centre Managers Association
  • A technology specialist with over 30 years telephony & data experience
  • An executive responsible for the 1st Australian call centre benchmarking study
  • An executive with 20 years experience managing Asia Pac contact centres
  • A 2004 ICSP finalist
  • Qualified Psychologists and Instructional Designers
  • Facilitators with at least 7 years experience directly managing teams

Our absolute commitment to learning – Talent is the one resource that without which a company dies. And whilst it is renewable, it is rare, hard to identify and only moderately useful in it’s raw state. Whenever and wherever we discover talent, all of us at KnowledgeSpace believe we are responsible to nurture it, develop it and provide it with a climate to grow. The mentoring and networking opportunities we provide for your staff last long after the training ‘event’ is over.

Our research – We believe that in order for an organisation to claim it educates and advises well, it should provide course materials and content based upon current research. During the past year, KnowledgeSpace has contributed to several studies of consumer behaviour, facilitated a flagship event about incoming privacy legislation and conducted independent research about sales intentions. In fact, our organisation is so well respected in this field that we have conducted research on behalf of other training organisations.

Our support services – Our unique training delivery model ensures that you receive one full time trainer for every 70 trainees signed up with us. We also offer free administrators to help you meet your paperwork requirements.

Flexible training plans – Many training organisations offer you particular units from particular courses. We offer you every unit available within a training package and work with you to choose the units that are most relevant to your operation and trainee needs!

Value for money – Our unique training delivery model ensures that we come to you and conduct training on your site, resulting in less time away from the job for your trainees and lower overhead costs, which are passed onto you in the form of lower training fees.



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Our email is contact@knowledgespace.com.au or phone 1300 854 722

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