Contracts for Data Mining

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There’s no place like home… maybe Data and technology alone will not bring wins from data mining. It’s people that drive this technology, people analyse and people bring insights. Many organisations mistakenly believe that if they just plug-in speech analytics and have it analyse their calls, the software will instantly deliver insights about their business. Unfortunately magic is usually […]

Social Engineering — Three Persuasive Words to Get What You Want

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Looking at getting around some frustrating rules we all pretend exist? You’ve found the right post. Fixed Action Patterns Before we get into persuasive language, we need to talk about Fixed Action Patterns. Fixed Action Patterns are regular, blindly mechanical patterns of action. These include animal courting rituals, egg-retrieval behavior of the graylag goose or […]

Speech Analytics – Inhouse or Managed Service?

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One of the hottest new technologies around at the moment is speech analytics. It’s promise is that it can mine ALL customer conversations to unlock insights and identify patterns of behaviour. But does it deliver on this promise and is a managed speech analytics solution better? The answer is…it depends. The elements of a successful […]

Managed Speech Analytics for Collections Agencies

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KnowledgeSpace was engaged by a Debt Collection Agency to deliver a managed service speech analytics solution.  This Collections Company operates in the highly competitive and regulated debt collect marketplace and wanted us to: Increase the percentage of calls during which a promise to pay is asked for and agreed to Identify opportunities to ask for […]

Stress Awareness Day

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Source: Daniel Levitin: How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed Stress affects us all, and no more so than in the workplace. The chemicals, adrenaline and hormones which build up in our systems in response to the pressures of everyday life have no way to dissipate in our modern lives, and the […]

White Paper || Analytics as a Service

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Image Credit: Amethyst   How small call centres can achieve big results with analytics-as-a-service This white paper examines how speech analytics can be deployed as a service in call centres with as few as 20 seats, to achieve breakthrough results. With the only requirement being a call recording capability, which most contact centres already have, analytics as a […]

Improve Customer Experience by Talking The ‘Customer ‘Speak’ Language

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What customers want Customers don’t want you to have to think about what you mean they simply want to have a conversation with you in day to day language we use to communicate with each other. You will understand the customer’s enquiry, needs and ultimately achieve the best outcome with that customer. We believe in keeping […]