Why you need a UX Strategy

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There has never been a more exciting time to be in business. Competition is fierce, changes are coming and it’s our job to make sure we come through stronger and with more opportunities. Adopting a culture of innovation and creativity is what will lead many businesses to success. UX Strategy Disruption will come from some form of knowledge […]

Phonemes and Speech

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As you may or may not know we use phonetics based speech analytics [as opposed to LVCSR ‘Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition’]. The reason we use phonemes is that words that are not in a predefined vocabulary can still be found, provided the phonemes are recognisable. Phonemes are like ‘units’ of sound that create meaning! T […]


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It seems the one driving force behind outsourcing has always been a cost saving measure. In the past, this is particularly the case when talking about big companies who outsource for cheap labour. Big companies who are based in the United States, Australia and the UK have call centers in the Philippines, South Africa and […]

FREE Google course: Deep Learning

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Teach Yourself Deep Learning with TensorFlow and Udacity Are you an engineer? data-scientist or machine learning enthusiast? If you answered YES, you may want to tune into Google’s new course on deep learning. Available through Udacity—home to a host of open online courses—the class is expected to run about three months, assuming participants put in about six […]

The true Voice of the Customer

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What is the most critical factor in brand profitability? We think it’s the loyalty expressed by your customers. Customer satisfaction is a very fluid measure, easily impacted by the most recent experience with your contact centre. Proactive analysis and strategies for handling dissatisfaction will help keep it from becoming systemic.   But, how well do […]

Contracts for Data Mining

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There’s no place like home… maybe Data and technology alone will not bring wins from data mining. It’s people that drive this technology, people analyse and people bring insights. Many organisations mistakenly believe that if they just plug-in speech analytics and have it analyse their calls, the software will instantly deliver insights about their business. Unfortunately magic is usually […]