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These courses have been designed to provide mid level executives with the tactical management skills needed to adapt operations to changing busienss needs.

Business Case | Call Centre Leaders | 8 Hours

This session is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to build an effective business case, prioritize the solution based on what design elements produce the greatest benefits, and prepare an accurate budget for project implementation. Participants receive templates and tools specifically designed to be used on the job after training has completed.

Change Management | Call Centre Leaders | 8 Hours

Based on change management research this session provides participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively employ change management and write a complete and professional change management plan. Participants receive detailed planning templates, readiness assessments and guidelines for building executive sponsorship and managing resistance.

Controlling Cost | Call Centre Leaders | 8 Hours

This session has been designed specifically for the call centre leader and focuses upon the major areas of expenditure within the call centre. It provides a practical set of tools and templates that managers can use on the job to identify, prioritise, write a case for and plan to improve bottom line results.

Motivating Agents | Call Centre Leaders | 8 Hours

This session introduces participants to motivation theory and discusses the causes and effects of frontline and leader disconnects in the call centre industry. During this session, participants will learn how to identify their current team culture, what is causing this and create a plan of action to improve culture and ultimately reduce turnover with practical strategies.

Quality Monitoring | Call Centre Leaders | 8 Hours

This session introduces managers to the quality monitoring process and commonly used techniques in quality monitoring. It provides practical templates that can be used to implement or improve an existing quality monitoring process and link it into training and recruitment practices. It also covers common implemetnation issues and ways to overcome them.

Training | Call Centre Leaders | 8 Hours

This session is specifically designed for non training professionals responsible for a call centre operation. It introduces a strategic approach to training from both a bottom up and top down perspective and provides participants with tools and templates that can be used to implement or improve training within the call centre environment.



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