Ignite for Account Managers

This series has been designed to meet the needs of staff working in mid to high level sales environments.

Account Planning | Account Managers/Executives | 4 Hours

It can be daunting for a new Account Manager or Sales Executive to receive an annual or a quarterly target. This course helps Account Managers / Sales Executives to identify, plan and break down their quarterly or annual targets into into daily / weekly sales activity. Participants receive templates and processes to assist them developing plans once the course has completed.

Presentation Skills | Account Managers/Executives | 1 Day

This course has been designed for Account Managers/Sales personnel that need to deliver a professional, compelling and winning presentation. By the end of this course, participants will have delivered a presentation in a group setting,

Proposal Writing | Account Managers/Executives | 4 Hours

“This course is designed to enable sales representatives to re-evaluate their effectiveness in producing proposals and responses to tender invitations and to improve their success rate by presenting winning proposals for new business. The course will build on existing personal selling skills to emphasise practical tools and techniques to help improve the writing skills of sales representatives and managers by focusing on the needs of the reader.

Reading Company Balance Sheets

“Why should you care about financial statements? In this course you will learn how to:

  • Make and defend your proposals in dollars and cents
  • Speak a new language – Executive goals are usually expressed in dollars, and they’re relayed down the ladder to the rank and file. Professional Salespeople must be reasonably fluent in it.
  • Communicate to senior level and financial decision makers within the account.
  • Improve your reputation as a knowledgeable advisor. Speaking in financial terms when the occasion calls for it, gives you a reputation as a “bottom line” speaker, which higher managers will warm to like a cold dog to a hot stove.
Strategic Selling | Account Managers Sales/Executives | 2 Days

“Selling Services and Complex Products requires a new way of selling. The sales person’s role includes business consultant and project management responsibilities. Shifting from a push-sell to a solution mindset and working in the language of the customer are key success factors. This programme develops the skills required to successfully sell in such an environment which may also have the additional complexities of a project team approach to selling, multiple points of contact with the client and multi functional support within the organisation. The programme, which requires existing sales experience and an understanding of the sales cycle, helps develop a consultative sales style, underpinned with sound business acumen, good organisational skills and the ability to clearly communicate at all levels.

Territory Management | Account Managers/Executives | 8 Hours

In recent years, key (or strategic) account management has become a crucial issue for many companies. Driven by some form of 80/20 rule:

  • 80% of current or potential revenues come from 20% of customers
  • Many firms have come to realise that these customers must be treated somewhat differently from the average customer.

This course covers Key Account theory, CRM theory and Account Analysis. By the end of this session participants will have analysed their accounts and designed a strategy to manage them. This course can be delivered in a day long session, or broken down into 2 half day sessions.



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