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This series has been designed to provide agents with customer service and sales skills needed to produce fast results.

1-to-1 Persuasion (Outbound Sales) | Frontline Staff | 4 Hours

Is outbound really that different from Inbound selling? Absolutely. It requires a different mindset and a different set of skills, at least for the first minute of the call. At the same time, many companies are calling on existing or previously active customers. This adds a dynamic which prevents telesales staff from using aggressive cold-calling techniques. This IGNITE session provides a complete formula for mastering all the dynamics present when a telesales agent makes a call including the sales process, consumer psychology, attitude and communication skills.

Call control | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session has been designed to provide participants with the skills required to politely control a call to achieve their call objective. It is delivered interactivitly with activities and role plays and provides particiapnts with practical tools that can be used back in the workplace.

Communication Skills – Tools of the Trade | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session provides participants with a better understanding of how to their voice effectively and a number of strategies and tactics they can use to develop it. Participants take home a set of tools that can be used to overcome common speaking issues including overcoming accents, tonal issues, vocal cord strain and negative language.

Credit Management | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session provides participants with an understanding of why people don’t pay, the success rates for collections at different stages of the process, how to progress through the steps of the collections call, how to influence customers to make an agreement, and presents a number of strategies and tactics they can use to develop collections skills.

Customer Service | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session provides participants with a practical strategies and processes used to deliver customer service excellence. It covers a structured approach to delivering service, positive language and phrases and delivering bad news positively.

Generic complaint handling | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This practical and interactive handling customer complaints training session will help develop the range of professional interpersonal and communication skills required to deal with customer complaints confidently. Practical examples, role-plays, self-appraisals and discussion forums are used to enable delegates to develop the skills to ‘think on their feet’ and leave the customer reassured.

Managing Objections | Frontline Staff | 4 Hours

This is a practical hands on workshop in which participants are introduced to the main types of sales objections they will receive, a process to manage them and then workshop and practice responses to the main types of objections they encounter. Participants should prepare for this session by listing all the objections they would like assistance with in the days leading up to the workshop.

Motivation and Teamwork | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This practical session is designed to introduce current thinking about what makes for great teams and teamwork; stages of team development; working with other teams and managing conflict across teams.

Problem solving | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session is designed to introduce participants to problem solving techniques that balance customer demands with company policies. It specifically covers:

  • Steps to Problem Solving
  • When you have to say no
  • Selective Agreement
  • Behavior styles of customers
  • Hooks that evoke a response
  • Defusing skills
  • Dealing with personal stress
Questioning and Listening Skills | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session is designed to provide participants with a practical approach to information gathering from a customer. It covers the skills and knowledge required to effectively question, listen and interpret non verbal cues to identify customer’s emotional and physical needs.

Responding to Complaint Letters | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This practical session is designed to develop participant skills to:

  • Understand what the customer needs from a letter
  • Respond in writing to complaints when at fault, when a concession should be made or when a position must be maintained
  • Determine what phrases sound tactful and diplomatic
  • Ask for things without starting a long sequence of replies to replies
  • Give bad news – being up-front and empathising
Sales as Service (inbound sales) | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session begins with an introduction to the Call Flo, communication skills and a series of sections that reframe selling as being in the best interest of the caller . After all, if a customer needed a product to solve a problem, and you offer that product, but failed to mention it, all you did was provide lousy customer service! Using activities and exercises participants work through the four sales tools the salesperson has to manage the sale – Communication Skills, Attitude, understanding of why people buy and the call handling process.

Speaking skills | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session is designed to help frontline staff fine-tune their phone manners and choose the best words for every customer interaction.

Structuring your calls (Call Diamond) | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session is designed to provide participants with a structured framework to manage a call. It uses role plays and activities to translate the concepts into demonstrated application of call handling skills in an inbound scenario.

Time Management | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session is designed to provide a process that frontline staff can use to structure, plan and prioritise their day.

Writing Emails | Frontline staff | 4 Hours

This session is designed specifically to develop skills for staff that interact with customers via email. It covers structuring the email, grammar, positive language and checklists for answering emails.



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