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Fast Track Series (Contact Centre Staff)

This series has been designed to provide agents with customer service and sales skills needed to produce fast results.

Benchmarking your centre | Team Leaders/Managers | 8 Hours

Best practice has become an often quoted mantra in the call centre industry, however, what do you do when the “best practices” benchmarks don’t always agree? This session introduces managers to best practices, ways to identify benchmarks that provide an apples to apples comparison and introduces a benchmarking process that enables managers to focus upon the customer experience.

Call Centre Industry Overview | Team Leaders/Managers | 4 Hours

This session introduces call centre history, industry, trends, an overview of technology and statistics to provide leaders with a sound understanding of the industry they are in and plan for future trends in customer interaction.

Call Centre Metrics & reporting | Team Leaders/Managers | 4 Hours

This session focuses on how to prepare information for effective call center reports. Call center managers who prepare, analyze, or apply information need the tools and background to implement a reporting system. The session prepares participants to use practical, real-world tools to report upon performance.

Coaching and Developing Staff | Team Leaders/Managers | 4 Hours

This session is suitable for any manager or team leader who manages staff directly and wishes to master the essential techniques of coaching specifically in a contact centre environment. It focuses upon how and what to monitor, how to document the observation results and how to conduct the coaching session with practical tips, take home references and classroom activities to assist the transfer of learning onto the job.

Coaching for Success | Team Leaders | 4 Hours

This session is a refresher for those managers and team leaders that already coach staff. It focuses upon challenges that are typically experienced in a coaching environment and develops participant skills in managing specific scenarios with specific exercises and reference materials that can be used to improve staff performance immediately.

Continuous improvement | Team Leaders | 4 Hours

This session is designed to provide Team Leaders with a range of tools that can be used to improve team performance and introduce change and innovation into their teams.

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making | Team Leaders/Managers | 4 Hours

Innovation and creative problem-solving is about breaking new ground to achieve individual and team goals. In this session, students learn a systematic approach to combining and sequencing tools and techniques into a powerful innovation and creative problem-solving process. Students will practice each new technique with real life problems needing innovation and creative problem-solving.

Data Gathering and Analysis | Team Leaders/Managers | 4 Hours

The most critical step in the workforce management process is the first one: data collection and analysis. The best predictor of future call workload is past data, so gathering the right data is critical to the workforce management process. Attendees will learn where to look for data and how to scrutinize the data to make sure it’s appropriate to feed into the forecasting process. The class will review mathematical techniques for analyzing data and making needed adjustments. The role of business drivers and how to incorporate them into the planning process will also be discussed.

Develop Teams and Individuals | Team Leaders | 4 Hours

This session covers the skills and knowledge required to determine the needs of both individuals and those for team development. It specifically covers the learning process, learning styles and ways of facilitating to cater for different learning needs.

Developing Quality | Team Leaders/Managers | 4 Hours

This session covers the topic of service quality and how to identify, improve and manage quality within a team environment.



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