KnowledgeSpace is not an educational organisation that happens to deliver call center solutions – we specialise in all things call center. Since 2003 we have made it our business to analyse, improve and build connections between customers and companies. We gained our knowledge of sales and service techniques through direct experience blended with formal learning. Let us show you what we’ve learnt.

Do you have projects that have a design requirement?

Have you got a design need that you need support with?

We have instructional, technical & online designers that specialize in this skill!

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KnowledgeSpace offers a selection of short courses and nationally-accredited courses that we offer online and face-to-face with you and your staff.


See our accredited courses here.

Instructional Design

KnowledgeSpace understands how people learn and how people retain knowledge for the long term. We achieve this through our expertise in instructional design. We design materials with the aim of providing longevity and repeatability to your training programmes.


Training is essential to the achievements of a business. Perhaps its most positive benefit is better employees, and by extension, happier customers.


KnowledgeSpace not only develops training, we can deliver too. Our facilitators have experience across many industries and are there to engage your employees.

Often, good training is just as important as a good benefits package for an employee.

Workshop Facilitation

Workshop facilitators we’re about more than just expert workshop facilitation. Our team of facilitators help our clients with every aspect of their strategy and planning efforts, from facilitating strategy workshops to designing and delivering an end-to-end strategy process including customer strategy.





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