Speech Analytics – Inhouse or Managed Service?

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One of the hottest new technologies around at the moment is speech analytics. It’s promise is that it can mine ALL customer conversations to unlock insights and identify patterns of behaviour. But does it deliver on this promise and is a managed speech analytics solution better? The answer is…it depends. The elements of a successful […]

Managed Speech Analytics for Collections Agencies

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KnowledgeSpace was engaged by a Debt Collection Agency to deliver a managed service speech analytics solution.  This Collections Company operates in the highly competitive and regulated debt collect marketplace and wanted us to: Increase the percentage of calls during which a promise to pay is asked for and agreed to Identify opportunities to ask for […]

Speech Analytics – What Can Be Learned from Science?

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Image credit: Manu Escalante State of the nation Data, data everywhere – but what is it saying? Our most personal behaviours on Facebook, Linkedin, Google and online shops are measured and stored – to the consternation of many consumers. We apparently hold no secrets in the online world. Businesses harness these vast amounts of data (Big […]