Top 3 Business Intelligence Books of All Time

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The following books are presented in no particular order, however we consider these to be the top 3 business intelligence books of all time. From Current business data analytics research, to the next generation of dashboard reporting, these books will give you a solid foundation for the analytics mindset. Performance Dashboards: Measuring, Monitoring, and Managing […]

Speech Analytics for Call Centres

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Top Speech Analytics for Call Centers Speech analytics is still one of the hottest technologies around at the moment. It’s promise is that it can mine ALL customer conversations to unlock insights and identify patterns of behaviour. But does it deliver on this promise? The secret is that data alone doesn’t deliver any meaningful insights. […]

Top 3 Benefits of Speech Analytics

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  For those of you looking for a beginners guide to speech analytics, why not start with the top 3 benefits of speech analytics? We’ve spent countless hours considering the top 3 benefits of speech analytics and have returned to blog about it! 1. Improving the customer experience There is no denying it. Improving your customer’s […]

FREE Speech Analytics White Paper

Speech Analytics White Paper

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KnowledgeSpace is releasing it’s speech analytics white paper – “How small call centres can achieve big results with analytics-as-a-service”. Since 2009, KnowledgeSpace has been delivering a revolutionary managed insights service, working with contact centres as small as 20 seats, and as large as 2400 seats. Our managed speech analytics service is telephony platform agnostic and […]

Leadership and The Lone Nut

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and now, some notes on leadership folks; Not Leadership We’re not necessarily talking about political leaders, pioneers or even executives. We’re talking about leaders. Having authority doesn’t automatically make you a leader. Heck, you don’t even need to be charismatic. Influence is the currency of leadership.   It’s the art of getting others to do […]

The very bad and no good eLearning

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As big business gets bigger, we’re seeing more and more “old” eLearning material and it’s time to revisit some good advice from Cathy Moore. “Old” eLearning content is everything that hits the stereo type. It’s long, boring, full of buzzwords and not a lot of “learning” actually happens. If your eLearning program “tells” the customer what to […]