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Optimise your business with customer analytics

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McKinsey & Company surveyed 418 senior executives to determine why some companies are more successful with customer analytics initiatives than others

Customer Analytics


About Us

We help our clients reconnect with their customers and with their people. We believe people have an innate need to be connected and to be recognised. Our education programs, consulting engagements and operations optimisation services help you achieve this.

We unlock the intelligence embedded in your call recordings and data to provide actionable and practical insights. We use these insights to develop strategies that improve the customer journey across digital and voice channels, reduce repeat callers, increase sales effectiveness and identify blockages to a positive customer experience. The best news is that our proprietary POWER solution is vendor independent – so we work across all call recording platforms to provide actionable insights.

KnowledgeSpace is dedicated to producing just two things: a bespoke solution for clients and outstanding results. We use our knowledge of consumer psychology and agent behaviours to give you insights and solutions that help your business build connections with customers and your people. Our training materials are designed to engage and excite your people and help bring them along on the journey to a better customer experience.

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