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Customer Experience Trends for 2016

Year of emotion

Customer Experience 2016: The Year of Emotion

Inside out was ahead of it’s time as 2016 is going to be the year of emotion. We’re going to gaze into the crystal ball again for 2016 as the Temkin Group released their 11 customer experience trends for 2016. The Temkin Group is a customer experience (CX) research, consulting, and training firm and you can find their original post right here.

Emotions are back! As well as all those other lovely buzz words we love, bold new disruptive agile digital apps are on the way in 2016. Needless to say, we’re very happy speech analytics is still on the rise at #5 on the list as more companies start tapping into their largest customer interactions resource.

Anyhow, here is what we’re excited about.

Speech Analytics Piloting

We’re definitely seeing this trend on the front-lines. As companies get comfortable using text analytics and collecting customer insights from unstructured data, they often focus on their largest interaction dataset: contact center calls. Emotion and sentiment detection within speech analytics technology are still very new parts of the technology. We’re absolutely looking forward to some disruption in this space.


Predictive Analytics Personalising

This goes hand-in-hand with speech analytics and big data. The better we get at manipulating and analysing data, the better we get at predictive analysis. As companies connect rich customer data from their CRM, operational data and call recordings of customer interactions, the value of predictive modeling will rise exponentially.


Culture Change Intensifying

Peter Drucker once said “Culture eats strategy for breakfast“, and the strongest way to influence customer experience is by cultivating the right culture in your company. The reason why we (the consumer) place value on a company with a strong culture is because we align our own values to that company. This creates trust, loyalty and huge amounts of perceived value.






In 2016, we expect to see a major jump in the number of companies that discuss, measure, and design for emotion. We can help. Connect with us today!



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