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I can’t get no Customer Satisfaction

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I can’t get no customer satisfaction!

Today’s Challenge: Disrupt or be disrupted

Every interaction with a customer has the potential to make or break the relationship, and a broken relationship is more likely to be shared. Disruption from new start-ups threaten traditional revenue streams, as they are often more agile and more in-touch with what customers are looking for. Failing to provide quality customer experience and customer satisfaction will undoubtedly lead to customer churn.

Blockbuster, Kodac and Borders are prime examples of what happens when customer satisfaction hits rock bottom. You need to listen to your customers because they will tell you what they want.

The current business leaders are being forced to either establish new business and operating models, and come up with alternative revenue resources or bend over backwards with loyalty schemes in an attempt to retain their late majority and the laggers. If both of these paths are unappealing, read on…


Customer satisfaction is closer than you think:

For the majority of businesses out there the solution to this problem is closer than they think. Every business who records their incoming and outgoing calls has vast sources of data that can prove invaluable. The challenge becomes working out how to harness this rich source of information for maximum advantage – and that involves making some smart, strategic decisions.

That is where we come in. KnowledgeSpace are experts at optimising your business and analysing the data already available to you. We unlock the intelligence embedded in your call recordings and data to provide actionable and practical insights. We use these insights to develop strategies that improve the customer journey across digital and voice channels, reduce repeat callers, increase sales effectiveness and identify blockages to a positive customer experience.

The 2 core areas we look at are:

  • The use of network, IVR and IT data to increase operational efficiencies and improve effectiveness of the customer experience.
  • The use of big data and speech analytics to target products and offers to personalise the customer’s experience according to their individual needs. And a focus on the efficiency and quality of individual consultants


Connect with us today and unlike Mick Jagger, get some (customer) satisfaction


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