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A New Tool For Data Visualisation

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Image credit: Alex Koloskov

Data visualisation just got easier with Google’s new tool!

The tool was unveiled at the Google Next event for developers, which was held in Paris (13 October 2015), Google launched the beta for Cloud Datalab, a new interactive developer tool for exploring, analysing and visualising data with just a few clicks.

The Beta is free, but the service will end up using a Pay-per-use model. The service uses Jupyter notebooks (previously known as IPython), a format that allows you to create documents with live code and data visualisation.

“Cloud Datalab enables analysis of your data on BigQuery, Compute Engine, and Google Cloud Storage using Python, SQL, and JavaScript (for BigQuery User Defined Functions).”

As Google tells us, the service is meant to help developers “get insights from raw data and explore, share and publish reports in a fast, simple and cost-effective way”, and it’s open source! Developers wishing to extend Datalab can fork and/or submit pull requests on the GitHub hosted project.

From the outset, the tool is reminiscent of Amazon QuickSight, the business intelligence solution AWS (Amazon Web Services) which also combines big data and data mining.

Check out the beta Google Cloud Datalab for yourself right here


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