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Leadership and The Lone Nut


and now, some notes on leadership folks;

Not Leadership

We’re not necessarily talking about political leaders, pioneers or even executives. We’re talking about leaders.

Having authority doesn’t automatically make you a leader. Heck, you don’t even need to be charismatic. Influence is the currency of leadership.


It’s the art of getting others to do something YOU want done, because they WANT to do it.

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower ~

Actual Leadership Models

If Scrubs taught us anything, it’s that leaders need to evoke preparation, inspiration and fear from their followers.

Those are fine things to value (especially fear), however we’re here to give you a different model from Kouzes & Posner, picture this:

The year was 1995, and the world was screaming for another leadership model after we got bored with John Adair’s. Barry Posner currently the Accolti Professor of Leadership and James M. Kouzes (who, according to google is an author) needed something fresh. Kouzes and Posner were fascinated by what made some people be someone other people wanted to follow. What was the secret leadership ingredient?

Well, there happens to be five secret ingredients

  1. Model the way – Leaders need to set an example in the workplace through their professionalism, integrity and credibility
  2. Inspire a shared vision – Leaders develop plans with the end in mind. They see the result, and we call this ‘strategic thinking’
  3. Challenge the process – Leaders need to understand which workplace processes are not contributing to the efficiency of their workplace, and challenge them!
  4. Enable others to act – via establishing cooperative, shared goals and objectives in the workplace
  5. Encourage the heart – Leaders recognise effort and reward progress by linking rewards with performance towards the goals and objectives.


The Lone Nut

Sometimes it’s just easier to show instead of tell. Now, this guy might not have everything Kouzes & Posner were talking about, but we love him. Please enjoy our favourite clip on leadership and how a movement is made. The First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy














Well readers, this is it. The end of the post.
There is plenty more where this came from, but that will need to wait till next time.




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