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Speech Analytics for Call Centres

Speech Analytics for Call Centres

Top Speech Analytics for Call Centers

Speech analytics is still one of the hottest technologies around at the moment. It’s promise is that it can mine ALL customer conversations to unlock insights and identify patterns of behaviour. But does it deliver on this promise?

The secret is that data alone doesn’t deliver any meaningful insights. Insights come from skilled analysts and it can be argued that statistics is an art as well as a science.

A successful speech analytics for call centre deployment come down to:

  • Having the right technology in place (and if you are buying this means you need to the same brand of call recording technology)
  • The right people – neither quality monitoring or IT people have the right skill sets
  • The right structures – so that insights are taken seriously, acted upon and managed

This is not a plug and play technology. We have been working with companies all over the world and found out that huge investments have been made in licence fees, fine tuning the speech library and actually getting the technology to work only for executives to find that the results are not actionable and do not realise business case benefits.


Speech Analytics Technology

So why are companies purchasing technology rather than leveraging from a managed service? The answer comes down to people.

Most contact center professionals know the industry is shrinking, digital service is growing and that big data analysis is popular.  They see speech analytics for call centres as a way their contact centre can deliver value. And they are right – this technology does raise the contact center profile in the age of digital service by providing insights.

However they do this not understanding the massive limitations of the technology. We have met with many businesses who need assistance in getting value from the technology they’ve purchased. Some technologies have been tested as having a less than 22% successful hit rate – a fact that is not usually communicated by vendors.



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