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How small call centres can achieve big results with analytics-as-a-service

This white paper examines how speech analytics can be deployed as a service in call centres with as few as 20 seats, to achieve breakthrough results. With the only requirement being a call recording capability, which most contact centres already have, analytics as a service can be deployed quickly, with no need for internal specialists or purchase of any additional software licences. This approach suddenly puts big data in the hands of smaller call centres, to drive enhanced sales and service performance and uncover invaluable insights from customer conversations.

Manually reviewing a tiny sample of individual call recordings will never deliver the insights of a “big data” approach, as proven in case study statistics presented in this white paper. The power and low-cost entry point of analytics-as-a-service makes this a must-read for contact centre, customer experience and insights professionals alike.

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About Matchboard

Matchboard simplifies the way companies find new suppliers, and suppliers find new clients.  Under the mantra, “Smart sourcing for sales, service and back office”, we match the market for hundreds of products and services which help you acquire or service customers.  No matter how you interact with your customers – through call centres, the web, apps, social media or in person – Matchboard finds you the best solutions for your needs, using our powerful matching technology.

Using Matchboard’s smart online tool, you can enter your needs and connect with the best companies to meet them. Unlike a search engine, which just queries key words, and often generates irrelevant, unreliable results, the Matchboard engine interprets needs, through targeted, concise questionnaires.  These needs are queried against a database of suppliers’ capability, capacity, experience, locations and target market, generating an accurate shortlist of quality suppliers ready to assist.

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