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Why you need a UX Strategy

UX Strategy

There has never been a more exciting time to be in business. Competition is fierce, changes are coming and it’s our job to make sure we come through stronger and with more opportunities. Adopting a culture of innovation and creativity is what will lead many businesses to success.

UX Strategy

Disruption will come from some form of knowledge imbalance in a market or situation, whether it’s knowledge of a particular good or service at a particular price, or a mechanism to improve part of a workflow. Competition doesn’t always mean undercutting [although it sometimes does, check Amazon]

The good news? We can predict where these disruptions will come from because UX.

A large number of disruptors will bring on change because they’re simply better at user experience. Uber, Netflix and even Buzzfeed are all examples of businesses that understand their customer’s basic expectations as well as how to ‘delight’ and create an exceptional experiences.


CX Customer Experience

Customers will buy an exceptional customer experience. To understand this it is very important to understand UX strategy our favourite is the Kano UX Model. Meet your customer’s basic expectations, and then make the experience at each touch point ‘delightful’. Those are the two basic ingredients, take out all the “bad stuff” and add some “good stuff”. This is UX.


What are basic expectations?

Any time your customers complain about a product or service, you’ve missed a basic expectation. That’s it.



What is a delight?

Delights are a little complex, but we can chop them up to pleasure, flow and meaning. These are best explained through example.


Netflix as we know it today, is a service that will allow you to watch what you want, when you want, where you want and without interruption. Watching what you want, when you want is killing the cable TV industry, because the Netflix service is simply more accessible and more convenient. It is simply a pleasure.


In 1999, Amazon put a button on a product’s page that automatically shipped the product to a previously entered address and charged a previously entered credit card. This changed the world. This change embodies flow.


This is the fuzziest delight but it’s also the most potent. Meaning is about belief. Apple is a great example of this. Have you ever seen someone with a dirty Mac? No? There is a reason Mac owners keep their products clean. It’s because the product represents “me”. The brand allows me to articulate myself in ways that I couldn’t otherwise. Apple believe as I believe.

And that is meaning.



What are your customers saying?

The caveat with delights is this. Delights today end up being basic expectations tomorrow, and if you’re not meeting basic expectations you’ve been disrupted.

If you want to keep up with your customers basic expectations or even a hand in creating an amazing UX we have the tools to make it happen. Contact us today over at



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