The worst eLearning ever.

worst elearning

We’ve all been there. Our legal team have dished out a few thousand dollars for mandetory compliance eLearning and it is the absolute worst thing ever created.

What rule must be followed when organising a give-away?

A) You must engage in bait advertising.

B) You must have an intention to give away the prizes as advertised.

C) You must give a customer a one-in-five chance of winning.

D) You must give away prizes of a substantial dollar value.


It is insulting.

Your organisation wants you to engage in anti-competitive behaviour and ignore ACCC legislation?

Uh, Geez. I don’t know!? can I phone a friend!?!!


It gives eLearning a bad reputation and it is time to stop with awful compliance courses.


The Worst eLearning:


I took your assessment on a topic that I know nothing about and passed with flying colours. What does this mean?

a) I must be a member of Mensa International.

b) The assessment was too easy.

c) Maybe the content was easy too.

d) Maybe this doesn’t need to exist.


You didn’t confused me when:

a) Didn’t finish your sentence.

b) Didn’t not use a negative question.

c) a & b.

d) b & c.

e) huh?


How often should ‘all of the above’ be the correct answer

a) never.

b) sometimes.

c) it should ALWAYS be the correct answer, no exceptions.


When is the ‘longest answer’ the correct one?

a) never.

b) occasionally.

c) It is always the correct answer because we are very unimaginative. We also feel the need to try and educate you in the assessment instead of assessing you.

d) rarely.


How did you do?



Don’t insult your learners. Create challenging and interesting eLearning. Use real life scenarios as much as possible that reflect actual decisions and consequences that your learners face EVERYDAY.



Check out our other post on how to make content challenging and not the words you use here.


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